Climbing Level
R(1/5) = Very Easy: flat rides
R(2/5) = Easy: short sections <5% grade.
R(3/5) = Moderate: max 5 km climbs with 5-6% average grade
R(4/5) = Hard: climbs up to 10 km, 12% max grade
R(5/5) = Extreme: long climbs, 10 km and over, average grade >10%, grades up to 20%.
Physical Level
R(1/5) = Very Easy: flats, <2 hours rides.
R(2/5) = Easy: 2-3 h rides with easy climbs.
R(3/5) = Moderate: 3 h rides, medium climbs.
R(4/5) = Intense: 100 km rides, elevation gain 1500 m.
R(5/5) = Extreme: >150km and/or elevation gain >2000m


Technical Level
M(1/5) = Very Easy: flat gravel roads.
M(2/5) = Easy: few turns on flat ground.
M(3/5) = Moderate: single tracks with steepness below 10%.
M(4/5) = Hard: rocky sections and roots may faced with grade up to 40% 
M(5/5) = Extreme: steep downhills with hard rocky sections and sharp turns, grades can exceed 50% and jumps may be involved.
Physical Level
M(1/5) = Very Easy: flat rides
M(2/5) = Easy: almost flat, max grade <5%
M(3/5) = Moderate: medium climbs <10% grade and 4 km max length; <3 hours rides.
M(4/5) = Intense: climbs up to 15% and 10 km long, 4-5 hours rides.
M(5/5) = Extreme: long climbs can reach 20% grade and over. 6 or more hours rides.


Technical Level
E(1/5) = Very Easy: not applied.
E(2/5) = Easy: not applied.
E(3/5) = Moderate: Flow trails, max steepness 30%, no particular obstacles.
E(4/5) = Hard: steep downhills >40% sections, roots and rocky sections, some drop jumps may be involved.
E(5/5) = Extreme: tough obstacles such as frequent big rocky sections, very steep and sharp turns, important drops and double jumps.
Physical Level
E(1/5) = Very Easy: not applied
E(2/5) = Easy: not applied
E(3/5) = Moderate: <3 h rides, elevation gain <800m.
E(4/5) = Intense: ~4 h rides, elevation gain around 1200 m.
E(5/5) = Extreme: >4 h rides, elevation gain ~ 1500 m or more.